Why chemistry is funny? Why study it? Why “waste time” doing it?

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Hello, crazychemists! That’s my first article in English, isn’t? I’m doing it cause the site has received some foreign visitors, and being honest I’ve thought about creating one. As my necessity to pratice this idiom has increased, I don’t have any doubt that start writing will help me in this adventure. Yeah, an awesome adventure. Guys, see this way: in my country, Brazil, who knows English gets the best jobs (even it doesn’t being a rule, this often happens), so just there is worth. That’s like Spanish for you, dudes? I guess it’s something like, but with the difference that English runs the world. Before talking about science, I must say I’m not using any tool to firstly write in Portuguese and after translate. Then sorry about any mistakes!!

Why chemistry is funny?

Guess what? Sky is blue.



Tcharam! Here we have the fun! With chemistry, we can answer many questions we’ve made over the years, since childhood. Think again in another question, so use what you’ve learned in your chemistry class until now. Are you able to? I guess you do, but if you don’t yet, that’s normal. Knowledge is a progressive earn, made day by day, and never end. Tomorrow you read a book and there you find the tiny information that made all the difference. And it works.

Why study it?

Because you need; you need this to take A’s but to get knowledge, the most important thing in the life. Using it, you’re able to discovery new worlds, each other with a special “easter egg” hidden. How about the lazy?you can ask me. Just delete it.

Is it a “waste of time”?

If you call learn a waste of time, so it is. Since now, stop thinking this way! Change this old vision about study, and I’m not telling you to avoid others activities. NO! I’m only showing you the value of learn everything: chemistry, math, biology, music, etc. With organization, study and social life can exist at the same time.

I hope you see what is front of you, with the science eyes, someday.

Sobre Davidson Lima

Adorador de nuvens, músico, protótipo de humorista, fã do seriado The Big Bang Theory e montador de cubos mágicos, sou eu, um Técnico em Química, Engenheiro Químico pela Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) e Desenvolvedor de Software. Mas vou além. Não preciso de Red Bull para que meus sonhos criem asas. Só isso mesmo.
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Uma resposta para Why chemistry is funny? Why study it? Why “waste time” doing it?

  1. The true about to learn is just the old idea that envolves that close knowledge by memorize things in classroom. I’ve a daughter, she’s 4 years old and she already knows the #1 Newton’s Law! As she has a incridible vocabulary of Portuguese (our native language) to her age. How can be that? Easy: every single moment living is a moment to build a knowledge. We do that. She diferencies solid, gas and fluid materials. She knows the change of night and day by the sun movement. She knows maps! HOW???? Repeat: Every single moment is a miracle to learn something new by a interesting way! Just respect the top by any age. Explain by a efficient tool. Eg.: By the #1 Newton’s Law: She observes curiously her schoolbag movement through bus movement: lines, curves… and I introduced her about the concept.
    And we follow this way to all sciences. Maybe do that is so deeply in me, cause yesterday we visited “The Book’s Bienal” and I explain her a dinossaur’s book. She was so interested on that than a sellers asked me about would I be a teacher. Answered her: Not Yet. I’m studying to do that.
    (Bem, seu post era em inglês, tentei no meu enferrujado e parco inglês, responder também!rsrs)

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